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North to Alaska - Abridged Version - Day 3 (May 19)

Wednesday - 9 AM: We exited from the RV park and turned off the highway onto some local roads to save miles on our way to Hwy 1 in Canada. It was a pretty drive through little towns, farms and pastures. In Nooksack the "Udder End Manure Company" sign gave us a chuckle.

When we crossed the border into Canada the customs people just asked Ben & Margaret a few questions, checked passports with their computer and waved us through, not even looking at our truck or trailer. G & S, however, had to wait while their vehicle was searched, a foreshadowing of things to come.

At a gas station (52.7 liters, at $.949 each, came to $50 Canadian) Ben bought a bag of "Grignotes au Mais" that were like Cheetos. The speed limit in Canada is 100km/hr (approx. 65) and one is supposed to drive with headlights on at all times. We maneuvered along the twisting Fraser River Canyon road, through several tunnels, stopping often for photos, playing tag with trains (stacked 2-high with truck-fitted shipping containers) until we reached Hell's Gate, a famous tourist stop.

For a fee of $11 each ($14 for the kids) we crossed the deep (140 feet, according to the sign) raging Fraser River in a small tram-car suspended from cables, and took many pictures of our experiences there. As we headed north again the temperature was a warm 82 but it soon started raining, cooling everything to 66 degrees. Just before Cache Creek, now on Canada Hwy 97, we passed the billboard "Herbie's Hamburgers - one block north of Dairy Queen." In town we located Brookside Campsite, unhitched and went to get groceries and ice. We checked out the "Cariboo Gift Shop" but didn't like their prices, so we just took pictures.

After visiting with a couple from Vancouver who had a trailer even smaller than ours, Margaret prepared steak, broccoli au gratin and coleslaw with Tahini Dressing for dinner. Then all four of us took a promenade around the park (Ben pushed Margaret on the swings.), and it was early to bed.