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North to Alaska - Abridged Version - Day 35 (June 20)

Sunday - After breakfast we packed up and retraced our steps a few miles to the Delta Bridge and Pipeline Crossing, which we didn't have time for on Saturday. As our pictures show, the pipeline is a very impressive engineering accomplishment, obvious here where it is lifted across the river. We patronized the tourist trap, located next to the river, buying small pieces of furry hide as toys for the cats of our friends. I didn't buy one of the fur bikinis on display because Margaret said she wouldn't wear it. : ( We arrived, after a very scenic (though hot) drive, at Tok RV Village. We all crowded into the Bean to look at our latest photos, stored on G's laptop (and enjoy the air conditioning) until dinner. The kids suggested taking Ben out for Father's Day but, because of the heat and the lack of restaurant choices, we decided to wait.