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North to Alaska - Abridged Version - Day 41 (June 26)

Saturday - After a morning shopping spree at the RV store (another tee-shirt plus more gifts) Margaret accompanied Ben and Garrett along the hiking trail to Battery Point. It was a beautiful walk under a green-tree canopy, up and down across gullies, through tangled jumbles of criss-crossing roots, and across numerous plank or split log bridges for (what was listed as) 1.8 miles. We emerged to flower-strewn meadows above rocky beaches from which we could see across the Lynn Canal to the fjords and mountains on the other side. We collected interesting rocks and lugged them back to the truck, which made the return trip seem even more difficult. Later, supper was canned tamales, green bean casserole and creamed spinach, with canned apricots for dessert.