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North to Alaska - Abridged Version - Day 46 (July 1)

Thursday - Since Ben had read in a guide book that one should, if possible, check all ferry reservations ahead of time, he & Margaret went into town in the morning. Interestingly, the ferry they were to ride was not in service, due to a mechanical problem, and they would be on a bigger boat (MV Taku) for the overnight ride to Sitka, leaving the next afternoon. Since retirement checks hit the bank on the first of the month (heh heh), Ben & Margaret decided to visit the local souvenir and gift shops in an effort to help the Alaskan economy run smoothly and further assuage the feelings of those who couldn't come with us.

Then came 2 museums (Alaska State and Juneau City) full of historical items. Later, we toured the "House of Wickersham," home of Judge Wickersham, a leading proponent of statehood and an architect of Alaska's Territorial legal system. The docent served orange-spiced Russian tea (really made from tea and Tang) and lemon cookies on pretty china in the Judge's dining room after showing us around the house. Bed at 9 PM.