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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 2 (May 18)

Tuesday - 8:20 AM: After a pleasant visit and a sound sleep in our 17' Casita travel trailer (aka "The Jellybean"), we met G & S at a local tire shop where we had Garrett's van fitted with a new wheel. Later we got lost trying to find the way to Hwy 5 North, so we asked a young student-type, drinking from her Starbuck's Coffee mug, for directions. After 2 right turns and a "bear left" we hit the on-ramp for the correct bridge and entered Washington under sunny skies.

We spotted the Nuclear Plant on the Columbia River, which we had last seen from aboard a river cruise to Astoria. Gasoline stop at noon (265.4 miles = $50, ouch!), then Seattle around 2 PM.

The batteries in our 2-way Cobra "Microtalkers" got too weak so we hollered from vehicle to vehicle as we passed each other on the freeway until we got to our first scheduled RV Park in Bellingham, just south of the Canadian border. It was very clean with manicured lawns between hookups, great restrooms and a laundry, etc.

Following a very tasty supper of whole-wheat tortillas (filled with Spam, onions, cheese and tomatoes) along with a serving of broccoli, we sat outside watching the sunset and listening to the birds until bedtime.