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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 14 (May 30)

Sunday, May 30, 9AM: Bought gas ($45.18, Canadian) and got in line to board the ferry. Across the river was the "Top of the World Highway," which turned out to be 70 miles of poorly maintained, sometimes gravelly and dusty road, (G's comment: "This road sucks!"). We entered Alaska without any problems and stopped in Chicken ("Beautiful Downtown Chicken," a bar, gift shop and small general store) for some cutesy gifts. Here G noticed that a rear brake cylinder on the van was leaking fluid, supposedly repaired at the local Ford dealership before we left Roseburg. G called his friend, Andy, in Sacramento and was told that it should cause no problem if we kept an eye on the brake fluid level.

Reaching Tok, Alaska, at 3 PM, we examined the RV park I had intended to patronize and, since the shower was broken, rejected it, moving a few miles south on Hwy 1 to Sourdough Campground (very woodsy, mostly firs with relatively seclude sites). These woods were dotted with memorabilia from the area including machinery, tools, etc., along with mounted photographs, some going back to the 1920's.

After whole-wheat spaghetti, broccoli (of course!) and canned peaches for dinner, Sherrila came by "bearing curry," as she put it, so we joined G & S at their site for a tasty treat followed by the latest pictures on the laptop. Rain later, with some thunder, didn't bother us, cozy in our Jellybean.