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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 17 (June 2)

Wednesday - Leftover pizza for breakfast, then to the Earthquake Museum (which detailed the complete destruction of the original Valdez) and the Visitor Center. We explored a nearby salmon spawning area on the way to the Maxine & Jesse Whitney Museum (adjacent to the Valdez Airport), where we saw a huge, mounted moose and many native artifacts. Margaret treated us to "Klondike Ale" beers at the airport bar where we discovered that the barmaid (who took our picture for us) has friends in Roseburg. Yesterday Garrett and Sherrila parked the van near a school to take advantage of a wireless internet connection. Someone alerted the police to their presence (a "suspicious" van near the playground) and they were interviewed by a member of the local constabulary. He ascertained their innocence but while running their identity through his computer discovered that there was still an outstanding traffic ticket from 2001, which, though Garrett had paid it, led to the suspension of his driver's license. Apparently the paperwork telling of the payment had not cleared. The policeman said Garrett could get a jail term if he was caught driving so Sherrila was now the official van driver!