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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 19 (June 4)

Friday - Left for Seward, not knowing what the "furry rock" really was. Our camping reservations were for Miller's Landing, 3 miles out of town on a gravel road along Resurrection Bay, right on the water's edge, a beautiful spot. Following settling in we returned to town where we toured the state-of-the-art Alaska SeaLife Center, part of the University of Alaska Marine Research Facility, where Margaret posed for photos in front of an underwater viewing area window as a 1700-plus-pound Steller sea lion swam by. After seeing all the interesting and educational exhibits, including a pair of passionate puffins, we came away with new understanding of the amazing marine life of the area.

That afternoon as we were enjoying the view while we sat at a picnic table placed near the high tide mark, munching crackers, cheese and salami (with an occasional sip of a local wine), the heavy table suddenly tilted backwards. Ben got his hands down to catch part of the weight while Margaret's leg was wrapped around the rough 2 x 6 of the table leg. Her screech brought G & S to the rescue and they helped lift the table and pick up the mess, including a full plastic bottle of water, assorted collected rocks, two cameras, binoculars, a paring knife, the snack tray, and a wine glass (the only thing that broke). The metal coffeepot, also formerly full of water (though not hot), had dumped down Ben's neck and back. Ben survived, wet but undamaged, and Margaret only had a bruised calf and elbow, and skinned palm. Whew.