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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 26 (June 11)

Friday - On the road to Wasilla, only 45 miles. Checked into the Iceworm RV Park near town and had a hamburger at Wendy's, hmmm. Margaret thoroughly enjoyed our stop at the Iditarod Race headquarters where she played with 5 adorable husky puppies. We took a very short, very fast dog sled (on wheels) ride along a path through the trees and learned about the race and its history. Afternoon found us at the Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry where they had a mind-boggling collection of objects. We browsed through antique boats, plows, tractors, jet planes, depth charges, entire trains, and ancient vehicles (including hearses, old fire engines, snowmobiles, snowplows, and some very ingenious home-made machines). There was the actual first hang-glider to be launched from Mount McKinley and many other flying machines, along with more prosaic, everyday examples of farm equipment (a cream separator?). For the first time on our trip it rained a little.