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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 32 (June 17)

Thursday - The first plane took off at 8:30 AM just as we were finishing our breakfast omelettes (along with sweet rolls supplied by the RV office). We visited the University of Alaska Museum, Fairbanks, an outstanding array of Alaskana, then toured the campus. Ben found the student center he had visited on his trip in 1975 where there was a picnic table on a platform at the top of a stairway sticking 30 feet up in the middle of the main room. Everything else had changed but this incongruity was still there. Then on to Pioneer Park, located in what used to be Alaskaland (the Disneyland of Alaska). All the big-time tourist attractions, rides, etc. had been removed, but many log cabins had been rescued from various parts of Alaska and arranged here, each with a plaque telling its history. Some were converted to shops selling tourist items. Again we contributed to the Alaskan economy. It was warm enough in Fairbanks to force us to turn on the air-conditioner back at The Bean before dinner (pork steak, broccoli, pear and cheese salad and ice cream). The kids, on another vacation-vacation, had gone to a movie.