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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 50 (July 5)

Monday - After showers and breakfast (spam, scrambled eggs, toast with rhubarb-raspberry jelly and tea), we packed up and secured everything for the overnight ferry trip to St. Petersberg. We had to check out of the RV park before noon, and check-in time for the ferry wasn't until 4:30PM, so we had a rather long wait. In the terminal we were able to get staterooms again, hooray. Dinner on board consisted of Margaret's chicken-salad sandwiches eaten in the boat cafeteria. While we checked the scenery outside through the large picture windows we were treated to the exciting sight of a humpback whale coming up (close enough to get a good look at his flukes), then diving right in front of the boat. After a glass of chardonnay for Margaret, we retired to room 24B with its very small shower but comfortable bunks.