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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 52 (July 7)

Wednesday - Slept in. After a leisurely breakfast we went on a drive around the island, sighting 5 deer, a large porcupine, a mom with 3 baby ptarmigans and many more bald eagles. Looking across Frederick Sound we saw Le Conte Glacier, North America's southernmost tidewater river of ice, fronted by a flotilla of icebergs. We stopped at Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery to see thousands of 2 - 6 inch fingerlings getting fat enough to be released, plus the adjacent Blind River Slough and picnic area. A boardwalk led us over the muskeg to a fishing spot where lucky anglers were catching big salmon and, nearby, eagles and ravens were lined up for their share. It was a great day, just riding around discovering new wonders, with an occasional stop to look at something more closely or take a picture.