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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 56 (July 11)

Sunday - Last year when Ben was planning the trip he could find no listings for RV parks (with hookups) in the area. So, when we arrived in Ketchikan, we decided to spend a few extra bucks ($357) for rooms in the Holiday Inn Motel, near the ferry terminal, just like real tourists. There were 2 suites, each with a king-sized bed, nicely furnished living room including a large TV, kitchenette with fridge and microwave, plus sliding glass doors leading to a balcony from which we had a view of the harbor. Very posh. In a beautiful cove 8 miles north of Ketchikan is Totem Bight State Park (a "bight" is a small cove) where we strolled along a path through a wildly beautiful forest of old growth cedar, spruce, hemlock and larch trees to a clearing. There we came upon an amazing collection of totems (copies of originals) placed around a Native community house. (They try to preserve the original totems in a climate-controlled setting while the copies are placed outside for viewing in this park along the coast.) It was a moving experience walking along looking up at these massive carvings, wondering what they meant to the people who created them. On the way back to The Bean we stopped for groceries (including some rotisseried chicken) and retired to our suite.