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North to Alaska - Full Version - Day 58 (July 13)

Tuesday - We discovered, unfortunately, that our 12:45 AM departure time was to be delayed. The ferry was running late, and was now expected to arrive at 3:30 AM! We read and dozed until it arrived (a little earlier than expected, at 3:15) but, since M & B (in The Bean) were almost the last outfit to be allowed on board, all the reclining chairs and couches had been claimed. We headed toward the cafeteria, and unpadded benches, but as we passed the deserted bar/lounge Ben pulled on the door. It was unlocked so Ben went to get the kids, who were trying to get comfortable on a floor. Then we closed the velvet curtains along the bar windows, headed for a corner along a back wall edged with nicely plump upholstered benches and, fully clothed and cocooned with blankets, slept. During the night the boat made up most of the delayed schedule so we got to Prince Rupert around 9 AM. As usual, customs wasn't much interested in M & B ("Welcome to Canada," etc.) but the van was thoroughly searched again so we couldn't leave for some time. The kids wanted to hurry on home so we didn't stay in Prince Rupert as planned, but headed to Smithers. The drive, though slowed by much roadwork, was very scenic, typical British Columbia, with beautiful mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and ponds. We made it to Glacier View RV Park in Smithers, a very nicely maintained and decorated place with a genuine view of a glacier up on the nearby mountain.