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So I'm out here in the middle of a bog, standing with waterlogged feet on ground like a soggy matress, snapping a photo of the lakeshore.

About 15 seconds after I took this picture, a wolf-shaped creature sprang out of the bushes on the right, attempting to get the chomp on a group of hapless black ravens. The birds all scattered towards me, then up and back to the trees, evading the creature, who turned right and galloped along the shoreline you see here.

Then, it stopped to catch its breath, and stared at me, for a good long time. Perhaps it was a wolf, or a fox, though it seemed too tall and thin for a fox. Since I couldn't decide, I assumed it was the more dangerous of the two, and remembered that where there is one wolf, there are likely to be several more ... the ones you don't see.

So I about-faced and began creeping back to the road. Great time to be stuck in a bog. Who knows, maybe that's why there are wolves here. They wait for critters to get literally bogged down.