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North to Alaska - Sherrila Only - Day 4 (May 20)

Thursday - 9 AM: On a lovely sunny morning (62 degrees) we drove through the high desert of British Columbia to Clinton, where we bought gas ($63 Canadian) and waited across the street while Garrett tightened something on the van. We were next to a two-story home surrounded by sweet-smelling lilac bushes in full bloom. Nearby was a tiny white cabin displaying a painting (Tlinget, we learned later) of a sea eagle holding a salmon in his claws, beautiful in design. On our way again we came to the ribbon-like San Jose River emptying into Lac du Hache (Lake of the Ax) and a sign "Horsefly -->" under which was written "Likely -->" leading to more chuckles. After Williams Lake we were stuck behind 5 big, slow RV's, some pulling other vehicles. Garrett was able to zip around them and move ahead to Quesnel where we caught up to them at a 7-11 as he was loading pictures into his laptop. Later we saw a traffic sign advising us, "If you hate speeding tickets raise your right foot." We took several pictures along here of towering cumulus clouds in the sun (71 degrees), reaching Sintich Trailer Park in Prince George in the early afternoon. After showing off the Casita to some tourists we went to town for supplies, returned for a walk in the woods (picked a wildflower bouquet), had dinner and sacked out.