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North to Alaska - Sherrila Only - Day 13 (May 29)

Saturday, May 29: We found a great gift shop along the river in town where we bought presents, then watched the little ferry boat taking vehicles of every kind (including a very large truck-trailer hauling an awesome piece of road equipment) across the Yukon River. At Jack London's Cabin (part of which is from the original cabin found in the Yukon area while the rest of it is now located in Jack London Square in Oakland, CA) we were enthralled by the displays and an extremely informative talk on London's life and times in the Klondike given by a local retired teacher.

Later, at the much fancier Robert W. Service cabin, preserved at its original location in town, the four of us enjoyed a very professional lecture, including readings of some of Service's poems, given by a nattily-clad (in period clothing) docent. This led to Ben's buying "The Collected Poems of Robert Service" at the visitor center.

It was 75 degrees as we walked along the riverfront boardwalk, stopping at an ice cream "shoppe," but it seemed much hotter by the time we got to where the sternwheeler, "Keno," was berthed. On the way we were entertained by two dogs, the first of which was a big, bushy, black fellow carrying a 5-foot limb of wood nicely balanced in his jaws. He trotted triumphantly along with his treasure, followed by mom on her bike, and dad on foot with baby in a carrier on his back. Dog #2 was a boxer, a recent mama, following her bike-riding master down the path to the river's edge.

As soon as the rider got off his bike she dropped to her stomach and rolled over, belly up, pitiously waving her white-stockinged feet in the air. The owner scooped her in his arms and tossed her into the water. She landed with a hefty ker-splash, immediately climbed out, and raced for higher ground, glancing back reproachfully at her human. The man climbed on his bike, called her and, though she looked slightly spooked when she passed us, she was frisking happily alongside the bike by the time they reached the street.

Next we drove 7 km up to "Midnight Dome" and a magnificent overlook from which we could see the whole town, the Yukon and Klondike rivers (where the original gold strikes were made) and the road to Alaska where we would go the next day after a ride on the tiny ferry boat. Back at camp Sherrila panned for gold and got a case of "gold fevah". Dinner was the last 2 turkey patties, broccoli and coleslaw.

Tomorrow we enter Alaska!