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North to Alaska - Sherrila Only - Day 44 (June 29)

Tuesday - After a breakfast of blueberries (handpicked on site) in our pancakes, scrambled eggs and coffee, we checked out the Alaska State Museum, taking lots of pictures. That afternoon we followed the tour busses out to Mendenhall Glacier. Most of the people were satisfied staying at the visitor center looking at the glacier and a large waterfall nearby through large windows, but we adventurers wanted to get closer. We took various paths, hiking about a half-mile through a glacial garden of miniature spruces, willows, fireweed, and lupines; over, around and between boulders and small creeks, progressing toward the glacier. Eventually we reached the cliffside, and found a waterfall-fed pool blocking our way.

Ben clambered across the cliff face above it to an area near the falls, while Garrett tried to build a rock walk across the pool. Sherrila joined in tossing rocks into the pool until she slipped in the water and Garrett stepped in to help her. They waded the rest of the way, legs wet over the knees, to where Ben was at the foot of the waterfall.

This left Margaret, alone, with a bag containing her camera, binoculars, water bottles, cereal bars, her purse, Garrett's hat, earphones, radio and iPod. Thus encumbered and off-balance, she decided to just walk through the thigh-high water. She said that it wasn't as cold as she expected but it was a strange feeling to have water squishing around between her toes inside her hiking boots.

We took lots of photos of the waterfall, glacier and each other before heading back. Garrett and Sherrila took the cliff-face route (BRAVO, Sherrila!!!), but Margaret pleadingly convinced Ben to wade back across with her. Back at camp we ate dinner (chicken, broccoli, stewed tomatoes, garlic bread and canned peaches) and went to bed early to prepare ourselves for the Tracy Arm Cruise the next day.