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North to Alaska - Sherrila Only - Day 47 (July 2)

Friday - Up early to get everything ready for a noon check-out from the RV Park, then the wait for the ferry.

Margaret was ready for the ride. She had her back pack with sandwiches, soft drinks, sweat shirt and binoculars; a canvas bag holding a camera, cosmetics, purse, red blanket, writing materials and a book; winter-weight sleeping bag and a pillow. We were first in the trailer line, at least an hour early. Go team!

Wow, what a fancy ferry. Since it was much larger than the originally scheduled boat, it was not filled to capacity. They offered accommodations at half price, so we secured a cabin with a window, 2 bunk beds, shower and 1 chair. We hung out in the large observation lounge, looking over the scenery as we passed beautiful mountains, wooded islands (with an occasional isolated cabin), a couple of whales, many flights of seabirds and several fishing boats (some obviously full).

That evening we retired to our "stateroom" where, since there was only one chair, we ate our supper as a picnic on the floor. After a glass of wine and another turn around the observation area we each made use of our tight little shower and bedded down. Margaret, in her "cozy" top bunk (the mattress of which was about 20 inches below the ceiling), read for awhile and then had an "exciting" trip down the ladder to visit the bathroom, and back up again.