A gallery of destinations in old Carmen Sandiego games.

When I was a kid, I adored the Carmen Sandiego games. I had two of them - Where In The World and Where In The USA - and played them both thoroughly. Almost 40 years later I discovered an emulator called openEmulator that pretty faithfully recreates the fuzzy scanline appearance of the Apple II graphics, and I tracked down all the Carmen games and made these little galleries of all the destinations.

I've included some of the text from the games. Since these were created around 1990, most of the facts they present are out of date. For example there is no longer a Soviet Union or a Yugoslavia, the Twin Towers are gone, many countries have adopted the Euro, et cetera.

With the limited colors, low resolution, and yarn-like appearance of the horizontal lines (scanlines, they were called), each of these images is like a needlepoint pattern that you could stick in a little frame, perhaps to remember a vacation you took long ago. That's how I think of them, even though the most exotic place I ever went to as a kid was a campground about six hours from home.

Where In The World:

Where In The USA:

Where In Europe:

Where In North Dakota:

Added bonus because I had it sitting around: Where in Europe, Amiga version: