Rev. Android's Fruity FNORD froth

This is usually one serving for me, but this one serving is also a full blender!

Step 1 Place 4-5 large ice cubes in blender, blend carefully until almost completely chopped. Ignore manufacturer's suggestions and shake blender while 'blending' if necessary.
Put about 1/2 cup shaved ice in blender. Crunch it around in there.
Step 2 Put 1 chopped Milan Banana and 2-3 TBSP sugar into blender. Mix for a couple seconds.
Step 3 Pour 2 and 1/2 cups vitamin D milk and (optional) 4 TBSP heavy whipping cream (Carnation is preferred) into blender. Blend on Med-High for 45 seconds or until all of the larger pieces of ice are 'gone'.
Step 4 Pour immediately into cold glasses and let stand for 30 seconds. Serve and enjoy!

If everything worked just right, you should have glasses almost full of banana-flavored froth with about one inch of banana-sweet milk at the bottom. More liquid means you chopped the ice too much, or didn't use enough. Or, it means you left some froth in the refrigerator. Sorry, it doesn't keep too well.

*A 'Milan Banana' is a very brown banana, probably so brown that you wouldn't want to eat it, but they make the BEST DARNED SHAKES!

This has been brought to you in full by X-Day Technologies, where slack can almost be purchased. It is not copyrighted in any manner, so please, pass it around, copy it, burn it, present it to an auditorium full of lactose-intolerant people and get mobbed, I don't care.

Got any bright ideas as a result of reading this? Probably not, but if you DO, I'd love to hear it! Maybe you've got your own version of this that's better, or you just want to say "Thank you SOOOOO much for changing my life! I'm now a straight-A student without EVER LIFTING A pencil, and it's all thanks to ANDROID'S FNORD FROTH!" Even if you can't figure out how to plug in your blender, email me : android@phish.nether.net