This is "Conan", written for the Apple II in 1984 by Eric Robinson and Eric Parker.

It was a pretty clever 2D action game back in 1984, though the controls were frustrating. What kept me coming back were the amusing little banners that would pop up each time you failed to complete the game, like this one from the giant lava pit level:

Dig that pun! Har har! A real hot take! You can see the banner is corrupted with noise along the bottom though. That's because it's from the pirated copy I got from a schoolmate in the 6th grade.

Almost 40 years later I discovered an emulator called openEmulator that pretty faithfully recreates the fuzzy scanline appearance of the Apple II graphics, and I tracked down a non-corrupted copy of the game.

And for the heck of it, I played through and captured all 28 unique death banners. Here they are.

Adorable, aren't they?

All through high school, a couple of these were catchphrases among my friends. Whenever we heard something dumb, we'd snarkily declare, "Back to Cimmeria, barbarian!!" Later, some time in the 2000's, I put "The crimson orb recedes on your horizon" on a t-shirt.