Ulcer Ripper Pasta
by Zach

This sauce is so named because of the high acid content. Those with weak stomachs may wish to avoid ingesting this sauce, as it can cause your guts to do backflips. If your stomach is tough and durable, you will savor one of the strongest, tastiest pasta dishes of your life. (I'm so humble!)

This recipe works for about 1 ounce of pasta.

Mince the garlic cloves and put 'em in a sauce pan. Half the lemon and squeeze the juice into it. Grate the onion into the pan; if what you get is mostly onion juice, then no problem, it should be fine. If you have any pulpy onion mash stuck to the grater, be sure to scrape it into the mixture. Add one fat slice off a butter stick.

Put the sauce pan on your stove, at low heat. Add dashes of the soy sauce, milk, and your favorite herb. Stir periodically to mix everything together.

This low amount of sauce packs a nice, tangy kick on top of pasta. This is especially good if you sprinkle parmesean cheese on top.

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