Dream Asylum

I don't pretend to understand them.


I remember exploring in the back rooms of a museum, where the works-in-progress are kept. I touched something unfinished, and had to sit picking pins out of my hand.

Later I wander into a dark, carpeted room and beheld a glowing structure on a workbench. Plastic pieces in neon colors, assembled to represent a DNA molecule. About a foot tall, it rotates in front of my curious face. I pick it up, and find it sticky.

A young femenine voice sounds behind me. "Careful - it's not dry yet!"

I turn around and behold a twenty-something girl of medium build as she walks into the room, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and no shoes.

I realize I am in a place I probably shouldn't be. I attempt to project my harmlessness. "Oh, I'm sorry! I was just looking at all the fascinating old projects here. I thought this was one of the finished ones!" I put down the DNA structure and move away from it, trying to act unlike a vandal, though I'm not sure exactly what that entails.

The girl reacts immediately, apparently concerned for my feelings, since I appear so ashamed of my curiosity. "Hey, that's okay. They're easy to make." She sits on her knees in front of me, head bent, one hand out, as though I am a lost cat and she would pet me on the head. "Where are you from?"

My mind is blank. I can't formulate the words to answer her question, perhaps because I am too absorbed in the role of a lost cat. Instead I find myself examining her bare legs. If she notices this, she doesn't react.

Just then, two more girls arrive, from separate doorways. One is tall and bookish, with long light-brown hair and glasses. The other is petite, about five feet tall, with black hair. All are in their early twenties, and all are wearing shorts. These three girls appear to be the creative staff of the museum, working together to build the exhibits that captivate the public elsewhere in the building.

The two newcomers kneel near the first girl. Nobody cares that I have trespassed in the private area of the museum. All three girls are happy to see me, as if I were an honored guest. The first girl takes an initiative I was not expecting.

"Here," she says. "Here's a lap for you." She pats one of her bare legs. Obediently I crawl over and curl up, resting my head on the resilient valley of her thighs. I emit a happy sigh. As if this were all business as usual, the three girls begin discussing thier current projects together, arguing the mathematics and logistics of various museum pieces. After a few casual minutes, the discussion turns to what should be done with me.

They clearly have some kind of agenda. The final decision they make is that I should spend the night in the bed belonging to the tall bookish girl. While she is in it.

Instantly it is hours later and I am in her room, lying against the wall on her messy student bed. She is leaning back on me so that I am arranged in a perpendicular C-shape, at the small of her back. Since it is clear that sex is on the menu, we both take our time approaching it. We're chatting about random things in our lives.

The conversation lulls. I take the opportunity to run my hand along the inside of her leg, and she eagerly opens her knees. I touch her pubic mound, where I discover that she has no panties on beneath her dress.

I slide my finger carefully along her labia, and rub my hand in circles. She starts to grind her hips, and is getting very wet. She moans. "Oh, this is so good..."

"She must be starved", I think. "This doesn't seem all that great to me."

Her room dissolves and she is reclining across continental europe. I am lying in the atlantic ocean. Somewhere on the mediterranean sea, my hand continues it's work. I bring her to a sighing orgasm as wispy clouds cling to our giant nude bodies.

Things fuzz out, and it is several days later. I have slept with all of the girls at least once. Now we all share the same bed, and I get to randomly choose which one to screw that evening. I focus on the short woman, under the covers. She rushes to remove her clothes before I wake up, but it's too late. The dream dissolves.