Dream Asylum

I don't pretend to understand them.


I was in a strange store. I looked around and saw a terminal, with a bunch of CD's next to it. It was like the one at the library, but the CD's were smaller. I looked in the stack and found "Ultima I". Wondering why Ultima I was on a CD, I stuck it in the drive. In doing so I had to remove Shadowgate. It seemed to contain instead some kind of documentary or tutorial about sex.

The only picture I remember in it though is of a woman lying on a white bed in a sunny room, chest down, with the cleavage of two huge tits sticking out to the sides and front of her. The lady was looking up from the bed and forward. The nipples on her two breasts were erect and faced the same way her face did. A man kissed her lustily, and then moved down to suck one of the nipples, and the lady smiled.

I finished the CD and noticed my sister standing next to me watching it too. I pulled out the CD and remarked to her about the tiny amount of space that was actually used on it, and how short the demo was. I put the CD back and we turned to go.

She led me away from the terminal past some glass cases and turned to the left. I noticed against the wall may precious jewels and minerals, and one thing that caught my eye was a huge emerald about two and a half times the size of a football, on a black velvet in a glass dislay case. I watched it for awhile and noticed my sister was turning back around the way we came. At this point she turned into my Dad and we went around a corner to a rack of computer games. I saw they were all for game systems, not our computer. I wondered if he was getting a game system, but doubted it. I looked to the adjacent shelf and saw some games I liked.

End of that segment.

I felt like some kind of vindicator, a policeman, standing in that group assembled on our front porch. I beat a few people down into nothingness. I beat the short man with the blond crewcut over the head with the flat of a rectangular board. He tried to fight back, but I overpowered him. I was ranting about something important, and blazing mad. He turned into a pottery vase. I picked it up and looked into it and said "look into my SOUL!" I weilded a long, straight stick and smashed the vase by alternating mechanically between an over-the-head shot and a from-the-left shot. I concluded that the curly brown-haired girl he was with was safe from him now, and I went up to her.

I put my hand gently on her head and turned it to face me. I thought "I suppose she expects me to try for a kiss in reward" but I knew I woudn't. Instead I looked deeply into her eyes. I strange calm feeling crept over me and my expression slowly turned into a smile. I knew that I had calmed her down, and made it clear to her that there was no debt to be paid, that getting rid of that guy was it's own reward, and that she was free to go her own way and just as human as before. It seemed that I knew she knew that.

Then I turned around and slowly walked around the corner of the porch towards the sliding door, that smile still on my face. I was filled with an unearthly calm, and I walked as if floating, and I saw in my mind the girl watching me go before leaving herself.

End of that segment.

It was track practice. Our group was in a large dim room. We waited for awhile, and I found some change while I was lying on a pad there, and put it in my wallet. Practice started and we went outside to the track. On the way I saw a plate of food and grabbed a bunch of fish sticks for breakfast. I ran while eating for a short while, but soon realized this wouldn't work, so I sat and ate until I saw coach Chipper, then I got up and ran around the track more, not wanting him to think I was lazy.

My path grew longer and longer and more out of the way. It also seemed that I got lighter and lighter, and I was having trouble going fast because I couldn't make proper contact with the ground. I started jumping and turning somersaults in the air. At one point I jumped and stayed flying, and I flew all the way around the side of our house and tried to get back up through the basement but couldn't bend to get up a vertical shaft without putting my feet on the ground, which I didn't want to do. I get the feeling this segment ended rather frighteningly, but I can't recall any details. Just a feeling.