Dream Asylum

I don't pretend to understand them.


Matt was driving his car like a crazy fool, like he likes to do. I was in the car with him. He crashed through into the wrong lane and dodged the oncoming cars. Later, the police caught up with him and who should come out but Bill Clinton in an officers' uniform. He lectured Matt harshly, then went back to his cruiser and pulled out a box, which he placed in the back seat of Matts' car. I figured this box was bugged. Matt and I walked around a while, outside the car, before he started driving me home.

Bleary pictures of grass, viewed through an old window. Shapes like graves sticking up out of the grass. The graves of little boys and girls, over 20 of them.

I was in this old dark building, with two windows on opposite walls. These windows provided only minimal light, which illuminated several chairs and peices of furniture. I was angry, I began throwing the chairs at the windows and I managed to break them both. While I was doing it I saw an infant basking in the sun of one of the windows, and seemed to fear that he was going to take something from me.

I leapt out of one of the windows and saw strange melted blobs all over the ground. The chairs I had thrown through the windows had been melted to the ground- big red and blue and gold plastic blobs covered the area. Some had been smeared over the ground. I picked one up but it wasn't warm.

I saw a newer house in the distance, and thought it strange that it hadn't been trashed yet. I began running towards it, and then through it, as I chased someone I realized to be one of the occupants.

We went through the house for awhile, and then in another room I saw the woman I was pursuing set a large clear box on the table. The clear box was filled with blank white puzzle peices. I rushed into the room and grabbed one of the things buried in the puzzle peices just as she opened the box. It looked like a long fingernail, with a slot in it. She and her husband screamed, and her husband began chasing me.

We ran out of the house and through a grassy, swampy area. I somehow activated the finegrnail, and it seemed to be filled with some sort of drug. I lost the man pursuing me, and came upon part of a miniature city. If was a factory area, which I ws bored with. Had I been the appropriate size, I would have seen huge metal tanks rising into the air, massive configurations of grey pipework filling up a fifth of a cubic mile. Railings and highways crisscrossing in and out, the latter infested with busy cars of every type.

But I was massive, and I simply stepped on all this. I found a great raised highway which was some sort of landmark, and began to run across it, smashing some thirty lanes of tiny cars. I didn't seem to be worried about killing anyone, I took a kind of pleasure in destroying. I was across the highway for awhile, and at one point it went out over a cliff, showing the miniature city miles below. I was frightened as I ran over that part.

I ran from the factory down to the farthest corner of the tiny known world, which ended at a cliff with a railing -my size. The structures near here were made up of millions of microscopic puzzle peices, all interlocked perfectley, but as I stepped on them I smashed and wrecked their symmetry. I wanted to see the ultimate thing- what was over the edge of the world- so I began digging down into the puzzle peices hurriedly in order to get under the fence, knowing the police would catch me soon.

Then I realized all I had to do was climb over the fence, so I did, just as the authorities arrived. The police wondered why I would want to go over there,

everybody knew there was nothing there. I climbed down the metal bars on the corner of the cliff face, and encountered a vast still sea of black water. I accidentally put my foot in it, and it contacted something like seaweed. I thought this was curious, but it was time for me to go back up to the police.

And that's all I remember.