Dream Asylum

I don't pretend to understand them.


I had a dream where it was night and I entered a huge enclosed pavillion with dark trees glinting from dew in the distance. There was a "wizard" with me who called out to a demon/dragon thing. It teleported over to where it could see us, with a sliding/shifting kind of fade accompanied by a sound of metal being twisted. It was big and dark and scaly, and moved sinuously. It spoke by screaming like a cross between godzilla and a furnace; it's noise filled the air and hurt everyone's ears. When it spoke, odd symbols appeared on a marquee a few yards away, followed shortly by a glowing english translation. My wizard pal spoke to it, asking it to kill a certain person for him, and his words also appeared on the marquee.

I knew that I was somehow threatening to this big beast, but weak now- so I hid behind my wizard pal trying not to be found out. When we were done speaking with it, it teleported backinto the distance with another grinding shift and we left the building. My wizard friend asked me if I could kill it, if it got out of his control. I told him I needed a better shield, a weapon that would freeze it, and improved flight skills. He went to an open-air workshop in a little hamlet populated by dirty serf people, and gathered some tools.

He asked me to fly over to a fountain and retrieve a lead statue from it, which I did. It was a dark lump shaped like a winged demon playing frisbee, with gems for eyes and a little lead base. I gave it to him and he melted it down and made a shield out of it, a pair of wings attatched to a band, and a flask of liquid he poured into a pen-like object. When I strapped on the fake wings they dissappeared and I could suddenly fly much better-accelarate faster, bank better, and inertia didn't bug me as much. The pen squirted a liquid that froze the hell out of anything it touched, with a crisp frying noise. We tried it on a peice of paper and it shattered into dust and blew away.

Thusly armed, ....
I woke up! :(