Pow-Wow of sausages, family fun
Cows sacrificed - Live! - for you
        Only to re-surface some day and say "moo"

Twisted anorexic babies, stunted
By drugs and all the bad things
        Which should be rationed, will bleed 'em out

Terrorists running elusive for years
Seeing a "better day" for all tumble
        From fifty-four stories, splat thin as a flag

Grinning C.E.O. "Chester" smokes cigars
As his weasel eyes observe leftover plastic incinerated
        Despite regulations. So many fumes, so many minds.

Green men from space visit restricted Area Fifty-One
Trick-or-treat from Alpha Centauri. Got candy?
        Fire! The alien threat has been eliminated, sir.

All of these modern miracles and more
Will be fixed and rightened when Insert Savior Here graces our presence
        Or doesn't