One late night on IRC...

<Calamity> ABAD BED5 DEAD C0ED
<Borpo> I'm the OTHER Marx brother!
<ForkBoy> I'm cool
> *GRUNT!!* WHoooieee!
*** Action: NivekOgre kicks ForkBoy, HARD
> *grunt grunt!!*
*** Action: ForkBoy skates
*** Action: The_Fork adjusts his SchTussi hat
> Harsh Grey Wording.. *grunt grunt*
<The_Fork> Hard wheels, man
*** Action: NivekOgre beats the shit out of The_Fork
> Wheee! Wheeeyoo! WHee! *SNORT*
<The_Fork> Yer goin' down
*** Action: The_Fork skates more
*** Action: The_Fork puts his hands in his armpits
*** Action: The_Fork looks "hard" at NivekOgre
<Calamity> "You cannot escape from window 0!"
> *grunt grunt*
<Yoshi> Who the hell is this NivekOgre dude :)
<Yoshi> grunting all th time :)
<jsanford> he's watching Spice, you never know why he's grunting...
> Me leader ... band... Skinny Puppy *grunt*
> WhoooOOie! *grunt*
<Stryfe> Bizarre...
> Look! I prove! Proooooove!!...
> Prooove! *grunt*
> The speed rotates black vinyl circles under eyes never closing *grunt*
<jsanford> heh :)
> Shredded tendons seeks the hand *grunt grunt*
> WhoooOIIE! *SNORT*
<Calamity> soooooooooiee!!!
> Basic Binary on off exhale inhale
<Calamity> heeeeere piggy piggy!
> Tempered tension surface stone
> *grunt grunt*
*** Action: NivekOgre looks HARD for The_Fork
> *grunt SNORT* *grunt*
<Crap-0> ** Welcome 2 Yoshi'z place! GAMES: **
<Crap-0> ** A) Robots B)Worms **
<Yoshi> If you bother me, i'll sic NivekOgre at you
> Grrrrr!!! *grunt*
<Yoshi> Mr. Ogre doesn't like rude people to him.
*** Action: Yoshi gives NivekOgre a bone.
<Calamity> heh :)
> Level edge backs against the ledge... *grunt*
<Yoshi> His GF took drugs :(
<jsanford> aww, thats lame...I want a menu... :)
<Yoshi> Cocaine... ugh man. :(
> Don't get to close mouth the word your money if I made any... *grunt*
*** Action: Yoshi tosses NivekOgre some meat.
> Agh! Cocaine!! *grunt* BAAAADD *CHOMP* Hmmm...
> Cocaine BAAD! Ogre not like! Lung green shutters camera fixed!
> 83+6 meager life unfixed never agin pathetic learn and burn doubting
+thomas... *grunt*
<Calamity> I like kraut and jive :)
> SNORT *grunt*
<Yoshi> Hmmm
*** Action: Yoshi gives Ogre some more meat.
> CHOMP HmHmHmmmm Yoshi FRIEND me write lyrics for you make famous
> Silent fire- dark earth- clouded growing season. Heat melts the glass house
+still broken *grunt*
> *grunt grunt* 99.9 all greed is circles by weak heaving ocean breeze *GRUNT*
<jsanford> I'm havin fun now
*** Action: NivekOgre licks his fur and curls up for a nap
<Yoshi> Here Ogre, stay warm.
<Yoshi> See, bostrov, Ogre is cool. :)
<Calamity> hehe :)
> SKnkSkSZKZZzZZzzzz..... *grunt* ZkZnMNZZZzzzz close circuit truth used to
+remove *grunt* Zzzzzzz
<bostrov> humm? Ogre?
<Calamity> heh :)
*** Crap-0 is now known as Andymon
*** Action: jsanford doesnt even know how to use cron :)
*** Action: jsanford doesnt even know what to use it for
*** Action: Calamity doesn't use cron either :)
> *grunt* cron ZsKZknZzzzzz...
*** Action: Jaxom doesn't use actions.
*** Action: jsanford doesnt believe Jaxom
*** Action: Andymon shares Ogre's rug
> zzZzZzkKZkzzzz... *grunt* *SNORT!* zzZ-*! Hey! Who you!?
<Andymon> Whut, eh?
> Run fast from the wordless love disease! hidden hiarchy *grunt*
> welts on scars to genreal's old battle theme doubting uncle Tom...*grunt*
<Jaxom> Hmmm.
*** Action: Andymon holds a hand out to NivekOgre
<Jaxom> Isn't it a have an account name of "phallus"?
<Calamity> heh :)
> *sniff* *sniffff* *grunt* You okay. sit.
*** Action: Andymon sits
> SkskNszzzzz....
<Calamity> jaxom: I suppose so :-)
*** Action: Andymon sleeps. Sorta.
> set in mouth doubting amnesia potion amped out war dance changing guns for
+brooms *grunt grunt* SKsknssszzzzz...
*** TheWizard has joined channel #AppleIIgs
<TheWizard> hey
> *grunt*
<TheWizard> just thought I'd poke my nose inhere
<Stryfe> Poke away. ;-)
> *sniff* *sniffff* *grunt*
<jsanford> ok :)
> *grunt!* age gives way to what throughout time has been easily stanfstill
+and mountain *grunt*
*** Action: NivekOgre wakes up and grooms himself.
<Jaxom> Wiz, this is where the loonies hang out.
<Andymon> :}
*** Action: NivekOgre jumps up and gallops out of the room.