Message #240,141 from Scott C. Johnson at 8:45 PM, Sunday, 10-17-93
I know a willow in the swamp.

I also know a log in the sewage. I often feel that I am a fence post in loosely packed, high-erosion-risk soil. Many of us just feel like flies in the shit. But, then again, at heart, aren't we all just a sweater in the closet? A lone kleenex in a box; like all the others, just waiting to be used? I think the human race is a joystick in an arcade, and an individual's life simply a Pixel.

Some individuals become very important, and are elevated to the level of Sprite, but none take the utmost importance as does the Player. Pixels are numerous and they have varied color, but note how the Sprite rises above its status as one particular color and uses many colors for its composition. Great Sprites utilize a large menagerie of color, pleasing and stupefying other Pixels with their beauty and majesty, combining many Pixels into one great cause. However, some Sprites become large, old and corrupt. They forget why they brought themselves into existence, and begin to blacken from the center outwards. That blackening never affects all Pixels, and sometimes Pixels who remember their existence fight the blackening and succeed. Yet, some Sprites fall to the wave of corruption and become larger than life itself, powerful over other Sprites and dangerous. Often they signify a general destruction of other Sprites in the game. Thankfully, this is a preventable scenario.

  1. Oh my god it's Merryo Trolls! :)                                 [GarrEtt]
  2. Oh, right!  It's all so clear now!!                                [Kamio]