A slug

A UCSC scrapbook

Another slug

Spring 1998


fire_cloaked fire_pair michelle lunch garote_kat_reb

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

rocky_lisa2 rocky_zog jeremy_ok rocky_oz lisa-rocky-makeup-1998 dominicf rocky_stretch rocky_phaedra rocky_beth_frank rocky_garote jeremy_strut rocky_jeremy_jen mike_phae_jer rocky_phaedra_tv rocky_mike rocky_eszter rocky_threesome rocky_mike_hat jeremy_mike rocky_dennys rocky_cast rocky-1998-cast_shot

Ken and Jeremy's Birthday Party

chuck_smiles chuck_random chuck_video chuck_jeremy_phaedra chuck_jeremy chuck_tunnels chuck_tunnels2 chuck_tunnels3 chuck_tunnels4 chuck_group chuck_banner chuck_cake chuck_cake2

The Drag Ball

drag_garote1 drag_garote2 drag_ken1 drag_ken2 drag_ball-1998-jeremy drag_dennys


jeremy_crazy jeremy_ass jeremy_paint1 jeremy-painted-1998-back jeremy_paint2 jeremy_redshirt

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