Zog's Radio Shows


Here's a list of all the preserved shows executed at KDVS by the non-sell-out non-corporate non-top-40 Davis incarnation of Zog.
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Bloody Zog Radio 5/31
Bloody Zog Radio 5/31 #2
World of Froth: Impaler 6/13 #1
Choad Satan
Choad Satan 7/5/94
Choad Satan 7/26/94
Choad Satan 8/2/94
Zog: Spoken Word Up The Butt 4/10
Choad Satan 8/23/94
Choad Satan 9/13/94
Attack Decay 10/15/94 and 10/22/94
Attack Decay 4 10/24/94
Attack Decay 5 11/5/94
Duh-Tack Duh-Kay 6 11/12/94
Attack Decay 7 11/19/94
Attack Devolve 8 11/26/94
Attack Decay Gump 9 12/3/94
Attack But Mostly Decay! 10 12/17/94
Attack Decay 11-'alpha hate' 12/29/94
Attack Decay 11-'beta hate' 12/29/94
Top 40 Hits! 4/6
World of Moron: The Zog Show 4/24/95
Happy KDVS Mix! *LIVE*
The Zog Show 5/8/95
Zog's Show With Battery 5/22/95
P:The Very Hard Zog Experience (guest: Bradley) 10/10/95
Z! z! Z! z! z! Z! 10/16/95
P:The Zog 'Plethora' Ensemble (Also called 'So Much Zog!') 11/7/95
Hey Kids, Kill Yourselves! 11/14/95
P:Forver Love 11/21/95
P:A Somber Event 11/28/95
P:Zog Kills Everyone and Lives to Tell the Tale! (Also called 'Dude... Zog SUX') 12/12/95
Zog Log 12/5/95

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