Happy Spot Crew Madlibs circa 1995

Proper Care and Feeding of your Bradleen.

The modern Bradleen can survive in a multitude of jaunty environments. Be sure, in scouting for suitable grounds, that you take into account the presence of lightbulbs, and the type of porkchop the Bradleen will be using. Ice cubes in the area tend to aggravate Bradleens, and cause them to blossom their coffee pots. Should this aggravation occur, use weiners on the affected area until the Bradleen becomes floppy. A special case you should be aware of: if you are to house taters in the vicinity, Bradleens may be tempted to thrust them. Do not allow this! The troubled Bradleen must be kept pickled at all times, and this condition will be placed in jeopardy. Apply cursed vicissitudes and they will soon be back to the usual whacking and coloring with nose hairs. Bradleens can be soooooo sloshy!


The stumpiest cream in the world is the cream that's been chafed. No doubt about it; ya ever wanna puff your mold, just prick your route and paste. You ever seen that crusty, picky encyclopedia that kinda flies around the ding-dong? Do it like that. It's as simple as could be, a piece o' cake, a basket of fruit, don'tcha know? Take it from me; I'm a real fake plant. Plunging is no use. Don't be taken in by apocalypses! Those fools have no hair weaves. They don't bake their cream.

Keeping Promises I

If you starve rebar down in your ear wax, you might find it easier to keep your blue elephants. One drawback to this method is that a wonky mozzerella cheese stick might get a hold of your scorpion. However, this can be easily solved. Simply masticate your congealed booties and blow. Watch out for bamboozlers. They certainly know how to bust. In short, always keep your bogs. If you do this, your beepers may find it easier to bash you.

Why Batman and Robin Sucked (a Review)

Because when I stick my money and ripple into the theater, I expect to see something bustier than this kind of trashy film, beepers. First of all, the Catwoman appeared and said, "I'm going to whittle you, Batman" about 4 times. What is this haughty treestump? This kind of acting passes for a stinger these days? So then, after some $7734 special effect, some extra hooters die and we're left with a hat. That can't pass for a rust! A rivulet, even! I propose we pull Rodger out of the movie screen and hex his rung in until he tortillas. This movie made me want to fix a filth. So, to sum it up, damn!

Keeping Promises II

If you start horses down in your pillow, you might find it easier to keep your ceilings. One drawback to this method is that a ravishing god might get a hold of your basil. However, this can be easily solved. Simply slap your blue paper and go. Watch out for giraffes. They certainly know how to squat. In short, always keep your Saturdays. If you do this, your scissors may find it easier to squish you.

The Peace Conference

Hello, this is Martin Xavier Fizzle Tuft, esq., reporting from the White House. Today, the leaders of the NSK Nation and Epoxy Phlard exploded in an attempt to bring peace to their Jesii. The summit was made more exciting when a sparkler slid through the White House formaldehyde. The leaders were driven to a secret restaurant where they continued to debate the Justice between Us and Them. After 42 minutes, the leaders emerged, and promptly rotted, before sauntering over to Australia, in order to properly sweat, all the while singing "It's the Cheese", which they are still doing at this very moment. One of those food boilers was quoted as saying "It was sort of like formica driving into some short, weird flour. Whoop-dee." That's the news, back to you, Joe.

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