Spanish Assignment

Zach Archer
Nate Bowen

Z:      Hello. I am famous.

N:      Yes, but your last picture was terrible. What do you have to say
        for yourself?

Z:      I think you're crazy. I am number one. I own a supermarket,
        two "7-11"'s, and the White House.

N:      Even so, you're a mediocre actor.  You didn't win an Academy
        Award, and your spouse is an ugly bitch.

Z:      My dog has more personality than you. I have spoons that are more
        important than you.

N:      After the publication of my article, you'll never work in
        Hollywood again.

Z:      Stupid!  You speak lies!  I own Hollywood.

N:      No, you are in a fog.  You eat the rumors of your fame.  You're a
        slave to people like me.

Z:      You don't know anything about me.  You're nuts.

N:      You are wrong! I know that in the past, you were a woman.

Z:      I have friends who have killed many people.  I am rich, and they
        like money. Don't tempt me.

N:      I have a gun, and I will shoot you now!  I shall rid the world
        of your horrible visage!

                                (They fight)

Z:      iQue Lastima!  I have suffered a hemmorhage!

N:      I can see the grey matter in your head.

Z:      In a minute, I will give you the kiss of death.

N:      Silence!  Spawn of the devil!

                (N hits Z one last time, and Z gives a speech:)

Z:      Goodbye, cruel world.  In one minute, I will die.  But before my
        expiration, it is necessary for me to reveal the secret of the
        JFK shooting, where UFO's come from, the recipe for Kentucky Fried
        Chicken's secret sauce, the riddle of the Sphinx, ACK!  Oops.

                                (Z Dies)

N:      Goodbye, my famous father.

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