The UNTIMA IX Port History

[Wed Feb 12 20:31:29 2003] branches: 1.1.1;
[Wed Feb 12 23:12:42 2003] Basic stdio text, runnable product.
[Thu Feb 13 01:11:41 2003] Added GL offscreen render + viewport wrapper from tilescroller v8. Generic static texture for now.
[Thu Feb 13 11:59:18 2003] Working GL minification.
[Thu Feb 13 18:25:15 2003] Cache a font texture and metrics.
[Thu Feb 13 20:17:35 2003] Basic font drawing.
[Thu Feb 13 22:13:28 2003] Add Glue between ObjC and C
[Fri Feb 14 00:36:09 2003] First paragraph working. Commit before switch to framebuffer approach.
[Fri Feb 14 05:07:28 2003] Texturing to framebuffer, allows colorization (but scroll may be slow.) Proportional wrapping working.
[Fri Feb 14 06:05:32 2003] Text colorization. Also remove / #if- out some unused / unneeded code.
[Fri Feb 14 17:14:33 2003] Threading, locking around GL. Smooth scrolling.
[Fri Feb 14 19:51:03 2003] Glue for image loading, temporary code for depacking the custom RLE format into 24 bit RGB.
[Fri Feb 14 20:48:26 2003] Temp code to spit out the 9 graphics in TIFF format.
[Fri Feb 14 21:00:56 2003] Fix minor warnings.
[Fri Feb 14 21:43:58 2003] Real image loading from GIFs in resource file.
[Fri Feb 14 22:59:38 2003] Working keyboard glue.
[Sat Feb 15 00:37:45 2003] Reworked text spacing and pauses for proportional font. Proper locking around GL to avoid kernel panic; this method keeps ViewPort updating at 60Hz which is probably not a good idea.
[Sat Feb 15 04:08:51 2003] Glue for "Press a key" prompt justification, intro & outro spacing and editing, consistent typography.
[Sat Feb 15 07:01:03 2003] More text glue, stat creation (improved colorization), keypad emulation, default game state rsrc, misc cleanup.
[Sat Feb 15 08:43:53 2003] Temporary code for converting the blockset.
[Sat Feb 15 09:14:19 2003] Blockset loading & drawing glue. App icon. Misc cleanup.
[Sat Feb 15 12:03:14 2003] Various changes for text color & formatting consistency, after playtesting. Fixed crashing bug when looking before moving.
[Sat Feb 15 15:30:16 2003] More changes for text color & formatting consistency, after playtesting. Fixed linefeed and scanahead glue for non-scrolling status screen and standalone words.
[Sat Feb 15 15:51:29 2003] Window title glue, playable build.
[Sat Feb 15 17:51:55 2003] Add more cursor glue to fix a placement bug where the prompt is set next to the gold stat, on a hungry systemtick that you also move on.
[Sat Feb 15 18:26:52 2003] Prettied up initial message etc with justification glue.
[Sat Feb 15 21:24:15 2003] Fixed initial map display. Font clipping for 14 pt, adjustments to text positioning, Finnish & Margaret story pacing, minor color fixes.
[Sat Feb 15 22:16:38 2003] Bundle, nib, plist changes from "Untima" to "Untima 9". Font clipping adjustment to remove some overlap at the bottom.
[Sat Feb 15 22:22:47 2003] Fix crash loading save game.
[Sun Feb 16 01:15:07 2003] Added Scale4x, unoptimized. Fixed leftover graphics when you win. Doubled Zog Quotes, more text tweaks per playtesting.
[Sun Feb 16 13:46:02 2003] Fixed filtering, added hardcoded filter table tuned for the blockset.
[Sun Feb 16 16:49:27 2003] Fixed filtering (again) for proper 24bpp access. Changed clear_screen() to only clear the message window, reworked the char creation and status screen to share the playfield area. Changed direction to allow looking under your feet via space or return. More color/text fixes per playtesting (interring Ale, Margaret pausing, Quit.)
[Sun Feb 16 16:53:49 2003] Smoothed bundle icon via Scale4x.
[Sun Feb 16 17:24:28 2003] Plugged big leak in decompress(). Added Quit confirmation.
[Sun Feb 16 18:24:46 2003] Fixed up status to fit better in the small area. Added hunger messages. Fixed periodic messages to display properly.
[Sun Feb 16 18:31:44 2003] Fix echo color after periodic message.
[Sun Feb 16 18:48:53 2003] Obsoleted xputc/xputs, using wrapping-aware message() everywhere instead.
[Sun Feb 16 23:57:58 2003] Window resizing constraints: ctrl = proportional, ctrl+opt = multiples.
[Mon Feb 17 01:33:15 2003] Change to proportional font metrics, since it happens to fix a few ugly text placement issues. A few text fixes for the new spacing (status, Zog.)
[Mon Feb 17 01:47:05 2003] Clamp left mountain tile for better blending.
[Mon Feb 17 02:37:45 2003] Move keyboard delegate to Untroller, beeps for unhandled keys now. Detect live key changes during window resizing.
[Mon Feb 17 03:01:54 2003] Only refresh viewport when needed, avoid 60Hz hum. No fancy optimization for drawing map in a single pass.
[Mon Feb 17 04:52:24 2003] Remove dependancy on GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_EXT. Now we just need to be able to keep two 1024x512 textures, yech. Introduced subtle bug with left hand side of certain glyphs.
[Mon Feb 17 05:10:30 2003] Fix glyph bug; filtering was wrong.
[Mon Feb 17 06:21:28 2003] Black out entire UnView area, and fix border clamping to match rectangle textures, so the garbage outside the view doesn't bleed in due to GL's slightly-off Ortho2D projection.
[Mon Feb 17 06:31:42 2003] Randomize initial systemtick. Better than nothing!
[Mon Feb 17 07:14:59 2003] Basic file saving to home directory as "[player name].U9", also disallow "~" and "|" in the user name since those are control characters.
[Mon Feb 17 09:14:18 2003] New app & save file icons. Tileset alpha set to 0xFF (for TIFF export.) Default save location to ~/Documents/
[Mon Feb 17 09:38:47 2003] Change save game to "[player name].U9Save". Make sure the player name doesn't have ":" or "/" path characters in it, either.
[Tue Feb 18 02:20:29 2003] Save sheet. Fixed potential vbl deadlock.
[Tue Feb 18 04:43:37 2003] Save sheet integrated with game prompt via another lock. Path works, filename is ignored.
[Tue Feb 18 05:03:04 2003] Save sheet path and filename work, cleanup.
[Tue Feb 18 05:59:45 2003] Remember the last saved game and window position in user defaults. Continue Game works.
[Tue Feb 18 07:19:34 2003] Force .U9Save extension when saving. Enable "Revert" from last saved game.
[Tue Feb 18 07:44:13 2003] Read/Write systemtick to save file, so reverting remembers "random" events, hunger, etc.
[Tue Feb 18 08:31:12 2003] Loading games via Open sheet working. Dimmed out until you're at a prompt, like the Save sheet.
[Tue Feb 18 09:20:01 2003] Default to last-opened game on next launch. Populate "Open Recent" menu, but it only works correctly from a prompt.
[Tue Feb 18 11:00:47 2003] Invalidate Open Recent unless we're at a prompt. Keep Open Recent populated on save and load.
[Tue Feb 18 11:07:55 2003] Window title is "[player name] in the [map name]"
[Tue Feb 18 12:12:28 2003] Don't bother allocating for the blocks or gifs, since decompress() sends them immediately to GL. Saves a whopping 48k!
[Tue Feb 18 12:18:03 2003] Delay flushing blocks until the entire map is drawn.
[Tue Feb 18 12:49:35 2003] Open/Open Recent works from title screen. Also dragging save to dock icon, or opening save from Finder while we're running. Opening save from Finder before we're running doesn't work yet.
[Wed Feb 19 00:57:24 2003] Opening save from Finder works, after resolving some deadlock issues.
[Wed Feb 19 04:33:34 2003] Increase number of Zog Quotes to 75.
[Wed Feb 19 06:53:47 2003] Allow accented (MacRoman) characters in character name. Unfortunately deadkeys don't work (too much effort to support NSTextInput protocol) but all the other option-keys do.
[Wed Feb 19 07:20:59 2003] Fixed splash screen misspelling, version strings.
[Wed Feb 19 07:37:59 2003] Resolve deadlock at death!
[Wed Feb 19 08:06:26 2003] Trim to 64 Zog Quotes so they get equal air time.
[Wed Feb 19 23:30:31 2003] Avoid potential missed open on launch.
[Thu Feb 20 01:15:09 2003] Fix blit-when-needed for variable vbl rate.
[Thu Feb 20 02:28:42 2003] Fix detection of context creation failure, add check for 10.2.
[Thu Feb 20 18:00:33 2003] Detect the refresh rate and appropriate fullscreen mode for the screen that the window is created on. Use that refresh rate for the blits (scroll speed is not adjusted for constant time, doesn't matter for this game.)
[Thu Feb 20 18:45:30 2003] Allow switching to fullscreen mode (shared context.) Force intial draw.
[Thu Feb 20 20:48:15 2003] Decouple ViewPort refresh from UnView refresh, add egg key detection.
[Fri Feb 21 02:00:13 2003] Add basic egg mode, hiding mouse after inactivity. Catch Escape key and properly handle minimization around fullscreen mode.
[Fri Feb 21 02:04:40 2003] Exit fullscreen mode for open/save sheets.
[Fri Feb 21 10:17:32 2003] Hide mouse exiting fullscreen egg mode. Loop systemtick to random starting point; this makes you slightly more hungry and mixes up long term factors like store prices a bit.
[Fri Feb 21 17:08:31 2003] Cleanup/renaming to resolve ambiguity, mouse event passing, trackball control.
[Fri Feb 21 17:57:42 2003] Reshuffling of context creation so they can all share textures.
[Sat Feb 22 03:09:22 2003] Proper context initialization, egg background. Temp egg code.
[Sat Feb 22 13:05:49 2003] Overflow detection in add_stat, so we max out at e.g. 9999 hit points.
[Sat Feb 22 15:12:21 2003] Fixed spell status display, colors for movement/periodic messages, per playtesting.
[Sat Feb 22 20:19:52 2003] Egg projection transition, subtle motion blur, temp hacking.
[Sun Feb 23 03:33:45 2003] Egg lightspeed. Only enter egg from prompt, so blockset texture is available. Enter key exits egg. Fixed possible crash accessing shared texture.
[Sun Feb 23 08:02:59 2003] Space to jump to lightspeed. Wormhole distortion, blended pans & rotations.
[Sun Feb 23 22:51:52 2003] Reduce trackball frenzy, egg tweaks. Animated water & field blocks. Zog egg hint.
[Sun Feb 23 23:20:54 2003] Force inital map draw before block animation starts, re-enable loading games after death.
[Sun Feb 23 23:39:58 2003] Sync animation block flushing, and disable during the status screen.
[Mon Feb 24 00:27:52 2003] Bulletproof startup error detection.
[Mon Feb 24 15:06:21 2003] Lerp trackball spin instead of quaternions to avoid fidgeting.
[Mon Feb 24 18:09:06 2003] Lerp rotation and perspective back to 2D when exiting egg. Wrap CGDisplay*Cursor to avoid count problems.
[Mon Feb 24 18:15:35 2003] Enlarge motion blur mask to cover really wide viewports.
[Mon Feb 24 18:32:00 2003] Re-enable mouse control during initial egg morph.
[Mon Feb 24 21:22:51 2003] Live detection of the current display & creation of the fullscreen GL context, so dragging the window to another display works as expected. SetSystemUIMode() doesn't appear to work, so you can still Cmd-Shift-Q and log yourself out while in fullscreen mode :/
[Tue Feb 25 09:00:53 2003] Only capture the display the window is on, so other apps can continue to be used. Added "phase 2" egg; 42-block logo...
[Tue Feb 25 20:53:23 2003] Manually convert fullscreen mouse coords, since convertPoint: is busted with fullscreen GL contexts.
[Tue Feb 25 22:06:03 2003] Track mousedown and original click point to avoid hiding cursor while button is down, and window dragging affecting trackball.
[Wed Feb 26 04:14:08 2003] Blend between phases and exiting egg.
[Fri Feb 28 00:19:30 2003] Change to single-buffered offscreen context. Fix fullscreen trackball coords on second display. Fix phase two blend for really wide viewports.
[Fri Feb 28 00:24:46 2003] Version strings, help text tweak.
[Thu Mar 3 06:43:39 2003] Detect and use rectangle textures, because NVIDIA cards require them for render-to-texture. We still use TEXTURE_2D on older cards like the Rage 128.
[Thu Mar 3 07:05:35 2003] Auto-shift between egg phases after ~20 seconds of inactivity.
[Thu Mar 3 08:14:17 2003] Fix trackball coords again. Have to capture all displays, because the fullscreen coordinate system is adjusted differently between single monitor mode and dual-monitor-but-only-one-captured mode.
[Tue Mar 8 01:19:10 2003] Don't need alpha channel in view contexts. Force backface culling, because Geforce2MX was broken. v6 strings.
[Tue Mar 8 01:38:14 2003] Reset egg phase timer in both fullscreen and windowed mode.
[Tue Mar 8 02:03:12 2003] Exit egg when player dies or otherwise quits game.
[Tue Mar 8 02:32:06 2003] Add readme to CVS.

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