Happy Spot WarCraft II Developments

These will torture your groin. Click on a map name to get it.

Forest of IllusionLast changed 3/17/97
To survive the initial melee you gotta run! This is not a straightforward maze, which adds to the enjoyment. There are a lot of tricks and hiding places to exploit; each position is as powerful as you make it. Designed by Zog, modified by Zog and Garote.
Rifle RangeLast changed 5/4/97
This two-to-four player map has a most interesting balance of character attributes. Expect your strategy to be compromised in ways you never thought possible! Quite a feat of design, by Stygian. (You've got to try this map. The computer will kick your ass.)
Order of the HandLast changed 4/30/97
This map is a singular experience. Each player has to penetrate the rim of the laybrinth and recruit an army from the hordes scattered within. Somehow order must be imposed, for only those that look to the future will endure. Built by Zog.
Cheap Shots (At Your Opponents)Last changed 3/17/97
The first of the Happy Spot maps created, and probably the most battle-worn. This two to four player map turns ordinary opponents into dirty fighters, before your very eyes! By Garote and Zog.
Slot RacersLast changed 4/3/97
A tidy execution of a two-fronted war: the mines on the rim are short-lived, but there are no trees in the middle. Balance or die. Initial design by Zog, tidied up by Garote.
Arkanoid TheoryLast changed 3/17/97
Another refreshing perversion of the rules of WarCraft from the deep, spooky mind of Zog. Eat away at the mines to reach the trees in the middle, and whallop your foes as they try to do the same.
Wall ProblemsLast changed 3/17/97
An early Zog creation. It looks nice and tidy, but wait 'till your peasants come out of the mines! Hell breaks loose a lot faster than you'd imagine in this realm.
What, We Have Guests?!Last changed 5/1/97
A pretty brutal three player map with an added wrinkle -- that may or may not work as planned. I'm not sure. By Zog.
Mage GhettoLast changed 5/3/97
One of Zog's supreme designs. The low cost of mages makes for weird twists in strategy, on a weird, twisted map. Looks sorta like a CPU, don't it? Fun to play, even if I never did get the hang of it-- Stygian consistently kicked my ass up and down the alleyways.
The Happy SlaughterhouseLast changed 3/17/97
It's an Actiontastic Explodaganza, Packed With Chop-Socky Kung Fu Asskickery! Play this one when you wanna let off some steam with mass bloodshed. Lovingly crafted by Stygian.