See how much you are like Garote!

1993 Version

  1. Can you bake brownies?
  2. ...Without a mix?
  3. ...Without looking at a recipe?
  4. Can you bake vegetarian lasagna?
  5. Can you make a killer spaghetti sauce?
  6. Are you heterosexual, but appreciate attractiveness in all forms of the human body?
  7. Are you a naturally touchie-feelie sort of person? (Physical contact is so important to me)
  8. Do you think the sexes are much more alike underneath than different?
  9. Have you ever described your sexuality as 'a butch lesbian in a male body'?
  10. Do you dislike most christian organizations?
  11. Are you an agnostic?
  12. ...who by all appearances is Pagan?
  13. ...who has the values of a Neo-Confucianist?
  14. Do you have a friend who LOOKS like Jesus, but doesn't act like him? (He acts more like a Tibetian monk, actually!)
  15. Do you like cats?
  16. ...BIG cats?
  17. Can you comunicate with them?
  18. Can you make a purring noise like one?
  19. Have you owned an Apple II?
  20. Have you programmed your computer?
  21. Have you hacked apart games on it?
  22. ...cheated by editing saved games or making a map editor?
  23. Do/did you play nethack?
  24. ...Too much?
  25. Have you ever played one computer game for FORTY HOURS straight? (the game: the original 'Civilization'. ADDICTIVE. No kidding, right?)
  26. Did you watch The Lion King more than four times in theatres? (The official count is 14, actually, but this way at least SOME people will be able to answer 'yes'. Heh.)
  27. Did you find the character of Nala to be very attractive?
  28. Do you listen to Download?
  29. Do you listen to Pink Floyd?
  30. Do you listen to Tori Amos?
  31. Do you know the lyrics to nearly everything Pink Floyd?
  32. ...Can you sing them or harmonize with them?
  33. Do you know the lyrics to nearly everything Tori Amos?
  34. ...Can you sing them or harmonize with them?
  35. Do you perform Pagan rites of your own devising to Download? (or to some other music?)
  36. ...Do they involve at least partial nudity? (heh heh heh)
  37. Do you know the words to Walter Westinghouse? (residents tune)
  38. Have you ever yelled said lyrics with a friend at the top of your lungs while rocking back and forth on a big log floating in the middle of a lake in the mountains? (Trust me, it's performance art)
  39. Do you have rythm?
  40. ...but no drum set?
  41. Do you love pounding on the piano?
  42. ...but don't own one?
  43. Do you own and play a classical guitar?
  44. Do you attend the full-moon drum circle at UCSC religiously?
  45. Do you spontaneously take pictures of your friends (when you can afford film)?
  46. Can you sing in a Louis Armstrong voice?
  47. Can you do a Chicago/New York accent? A southern twang?
  48. Can you do a Cockney (Monty Python british) accent?
  49. Have you and friends made a home-movie with a descernible plot?
  50. When you masturbate or have sex, do you prefer to reach orgasm three or four times in a session?
  51. Ever tried masturbating with food?
  52. ...with water?
  53. ...without using your arms/hands?
  54. Have you ever shaved your legs, but only to see what it was like? (i.e. habitually, for fashion reasons, doesn't count)
  55. Have you ever shaved your genetalia?
  56. ...Habitually?
  57. Have you ever found the smell of someone to be erotic?
  58. Have you ever blown up an aerosol can in a fire?
  59. Ever used a lit road flare, held in a glove, as a torch on a group walk? (you need the glove. they drip burning wax. if you get any on your hair you have to cut the hair off.)
  60. Ever run with a can of gasoline, leaving a trail of fire?
  61. Ever made napalm from gasoline and styrofoam? (Heh, ever used it?)
  62. Do you really like Chinese food, but only from certain restaurants?
  63. At night, when you can, do you go out and piss on the road rather than in the toilet?
  64. Have you ever played a H.A.G.? (Human adventure game)?
  65. ..."Hosted" one? (explore my page for more info about this)
  66. Have you ever drained a "double gulp" by yourself?
  67. ...Before it went flat? (whooog. I don't drink these any more!!)
  68. Do/did you have a Stephen King collection?
  69. Did you like the uncut version of The Stand?
  70. On a road-trip, have you driven more than 1000 miles in one day?
  71. Do you have a picture of BOB on your wall?
  72. ...Many?
  73. Do you enjoy bike rides at night?
  74. Have you ever felt, and then acted upon, the sudden urge to run outside and howl at the moon?
  75. Does your body like to get up at noon, despite your valiant attempts to teach it otherwise?
  76. Do you like camping?
  77. Do you go to Denny's (24-hour restaurant) after midnight?
  78. ...Do you and your friends read aloud from books there in a theatrical way?
  79. ...Do you leave food scupltures for the waiters, next to the tip? (try writing quotes on the sugar packets, too. That's fun.)
  80. Have you ever shaved your head?
  81. ...Habitually enough to have "OI!!" yelled at you?
  82. ...Grown your hair longer than shoulder length?
  83. Did you suffer from cystic acne as a youngun'?
  84. Do you hate the feel of makeup?
  85. Do you dislike the taste of beer?
  86. Do you think marijuana -in fact, most drugs- should be legalized (and taxed)?
  87. Does your mind watch itself?
  88. Do you think socrates was just kind of blabbing about obvious things?
  89. This question used to read: Do you think veganism is a good idea, but still eat pizza every now and then? I'm pleased to announce that, as of 1998, I'm going to turn Vegan. All the way, folks.
  90. Do you try hard to avoid physical violence with other people?
  91. ...But enjoy wrassling on the floor with your friends?
  92. Do you practice Tai-Chi?
  93. Was there a lot of depression in your childhood?
  94. Did you learn to manage, exploit, and finally conquer it?
  95. ...Do you think it gave you wisdom and understanding?