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North to Alaska - Abridged Version - Day 37 (June 22)

Tuesday - Walt came in early the next morning and Ben thanked him again for what he had done back in the 70's. Walt, over 80 years old and not very talkative (according to the waitress), didn't seem to remember how, after a trailer wheel had broken off, he found a matching axle spindle, cut it from a Nash Rambler front axle which was lying in a field outside of town, welded it onto the trailer and sent Ben on his way the next morning after a full breakfast ("on the house," as he put it), charging only $25 for everything (including providing electricity to the trailer for the night)! Though Walt probably forgot the episode Ben felt good telling him again what a good man he was.

Later, on the way to Haines Junction (at 40 mph, a bumpy, smoky ride) through miles of stunted black spruce, ponds and wildflowers, we came to Kluane Lake, at 2000 feet elevation, surrounded by enormous mountains. The road hugged the rim of the lake and the views were fairy-tale-like, resplendent with the colors of snow-capped peaks, green trees, wildflowers and the multi-hued reflections in the lake. At about 3 PM we checked into the Kluane RV Campground, where we were greeted by a real estate "For Sale" sign and "This park is not a bank. Don't let your pet leave a deposit."

We ate hot dogs diced into Lima Beans and broccoli for supper, enjoyed the latest photos on the laptop and, after pulling the sheet over our heads to hide from a whining mosquito, slept well.