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North to Alaska - Abridged Version - Day 36 (June 21)

Monday - It was Summer Solstice in "The Land of The Midnight Sun," and it never gets completely dark this time of year. After a day of heat, smoke overcast from the fires up north in the Circle area, and dusty roadwork, we reached Beaver Creek, just over the border in Canada. Though it was a small town, with few accommodations, Ben wanted to stop here hoping to locate and re-thank the man (owner of a truck repair business) who had miraculously repaired the small trailer Ben was pulling on his 1975 Alaska trip.

After we asked around at places Ben remembered, a lady in the restaurant/store told us that "Walt" was probably the man we were looking for, and that he came in every morning for coffee. We booked rooms in the "rustic" (more like "run-down") motel next door and had supper in the restaurant (surrounded by old, stuffed animal heads mounted on the walls, and other "tourist attractions") before going to bed.