Garote and Brent's Shadow Warrior Fun-Tour

Extended by popular demand!

Well, actually we're just egotistical bastards.

Here's a shot of Brent and I playing the first level. That's Brent there on the left, with the sloping criminal forehead.

This is me blasting the crap out of Brent in a deathmatch round...

And here's Brent taking a header into the nether regions of a gigantic flatulent sumo wrestler, in that same round.

Brent took this charming photo of me on a cliff. We weren't around for long, of course. If you look closely you can see the two nuclear missiles passing in the air.

Shadow Warrior isn't all death and drek. For example, maintenance work is sometimes neccessary. Here's Brent investigating his truck for an oil leak.

Things got boring so I had to amuse myself by slamming his head in the door.>;)

I just had to pull out my camera for a snapshot of this. To quote a Skinny Puppy song, "There's blood on the wall!!"

Brent's not a very good sport when it comes to gambling. You should have seen how he reacted last time, when I bet I could shoot a can off his head from 100 yards. Which brings me to an important point:

One of the troubling things about a game like this is that it doesn't teach very constructive ways to solve problems. For example, during a disagreement over who had the best battle tactics, Brent decided it would be perfectly acceptable to set me on fire.

Of course, matters of honor are always taken far too seriously. Our little spat soon escalated into a full-on war. I never knew blood could spray that far.

I realized that things were out of control when Brent started fighting dirty.

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