'Chapter 3'

Reverend Android Mark's driving experience

Chapter 3

I'm right here! Things are fucking awful! I've been evicted! I crashed my car! I'm nearly broke! My ex-landlord stole my last paycheck! I may have lost my job! AArgh! :) Happy! :) Happy! :) Happy! >;P FUCK!

I'm using Garrett's computer right now. I just wanted to call you so that I could update you on the situation. I will now explain myself. A few months ago, Sal was out of work and missed a couple months rent. He got another job, but the landlord was pissed and wanted us out. Sal offered to pay the back rent if he'd let us stay, but the landlord is a lame fucked feeble old drunk with no mental capacity. He told us to leave, so we just stayed, and didn't pay rent.

He went through the legal process to have us evicted, which took about two weeks. When the notice is served, you have 30 days to get out. when about 27 days were up, I went down and filled out some forms that allowed me to stay in the house another two weeks because my name wasn't on the lease ( evil grin.. ) after the two weeks was up, ANOTHER another eviction notice was served, except this time addressed to me specifically. It gave me two weeks to get out. So, I just kinda hung out in the house by myself for two weeks, then I put the remains of my stuff in a storage locker and left. That was, oh, two weeks ago. I've been living out of my car and at friends' houses since then. I was just trying to call you before I had the phone disconnected that day.

Okay, so that's the first part.

Part Deux:

I was driving my car up Mt. Madonna Rd at night, and I hit a hairpin turn too fast. Since that road is gravel, I slid right into the ditch, bending the passenger-side lower control arm. I drove the car at 5 MPH about 20 miles down to Watsonville, and parked it. I missed work thursday and friday whilst being stuck in Watsonville, and I may or may not still have a job when I get back Monday. The lady on the phone said she'd have to check with my manager and let him decide. I have the necessary part. It cost me $30, and the car is sitting there all taken apart right now. I stuck the wheel back on so you can't tell, but if someone tries to drive that thing now, it will very promptly tear off the right side of the steering/front suspension system. I'm going to fix it tomorrow, I hope. If not, then I need to borrow money from J.D., hunt down my missing paycheck (have them cancel the old one and give me a new one) and just DRIVE OUT, DAMMIT. I hope nothing serious goes wrong.

As for getting a pager, well, I already have one, but it isn't activated. I'm not going to bother, since I don't plan on staying long. I will activate it in Michigan, though.

On the lighter side, I went to a rave last night and it was really fun. I met a bunch of people, including this fucking BABE named Andrea (Hmm.. Must be a good name!) That looked kind of bored. When I started talking to her, she wanted to talk about cars! After that, Coffee and then drugs! I'm sure music would have followed shortly, but it rapidly became 8:00 in the morning, and we both had to split. We must have talked for three hours straight, but I was so fucking tired that I forgot to ask for her phone number.

Fuck. Oh well. Good thing. She was fucking perfect, single, slackful, and mirrored my interests almost exactly! I might have been tempted to stay, since she lives in Campbell and goes to school at San Jose State. You'll like this: She was a Biochem Major. [Rev. Brad is a Biochem major also.]

Anyway, I succeeded in having a stiffy and a very nice conversation simultaneously and I'm proud of myself. I very much like raves, and I found it a lot more comfotable there with a rave full of 300 total strangers than I ever did at any Armory party full of people I supposedly have some connection with. And I even had fun staying sober. I danced my ass off. Danced my knee off, too. Looks like the ol' wound isn't going to heal after all. ;P Fucking Home Depot.

Argh. Maybe I'll call you. Maybe not. Maybe I'll just show up at your door. If you need to get me a message, just tell Garrett or somebody, and they'll tell me.



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