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At 01:43 AM 4/29/96 PDT, you wrote:
>I just scanned a foto of your second car in Brad's driveway. (The firebird?)
>I'm adding it to your DMV rant on my web page. Could you tell me:
>A list of all the cars you've had, in order? I can remember four, but not the

  1. 1978 Honda Civic "Wagon". Green. Ugly. Cheap. $100, in fact. 1600CC 4-banger. Weeny car. *kabloom* I don't feel bad for blowing it up. It cost me more to get the car cubes dumped at the junkyard than the car itself cost. I flew in that car once. I went about 2 feet high, across an entire intersection. Sparks flew and everything when I landed. It was fun.

  2. 1969 Pontiac Firebird. Blue. Ugly. Fast. Gas HOG. 350 V-8 engine. Engine go boom.

  3. 1962 1/2 Dodge Polara. Gold. Beautiful. Pushbutton automatic transmission. No Reverse. "Canadian 318 V-8" which is actually a 360CI V-8, although I didn't learn this until after I got rid of it. I always thought it was a bit peppy to be a 318. I still love it. I want it back. Waah. I still feel lame for crashing it. Twice.

  4. 1976 Dodge Charger. $300 for the engine, car was free. Grey, uglier'n all get up. Fast. I put the engine in it myself. The engine wasn't quite the same as the one that came out of it, so it was in there a little hokey.. It did work, though. Pretty well, in fact. The only problem was that nobody expected anyone to try to put a '77 LeBaron engine in a '76 Charger, so no transmission kickdown linkage existed that would connect that engine to the Charger's transmission. I built my own from scratch. It worked, and it even worked okay, but no matter how much I adjusted and tweaked it, it still never worked perfectly. Oh well. Anyway, my mom never did pay the registration like I asked her to, and she left it parked on the street with no registration. It got towed away, and they never even tried to get it back. SO, I no longer have that car, either. I guess the government sold it, or gave it to a wrecking yard, or whatever they do with 'em.

  5. 1982 Buick Century. 180 V-6. What a wussy car. It needs an engine rebuild. I can't believe I own such a wussy car, but I suppose I had to get somewhat practical some time. Considering the amount of work I'm going to have to put into this thing just to get it to run, I don't know how practical it is. But, hey, it has a stereo and power seats! The interior is the only reason I'm even considering fixing it. Plus, it was free.

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