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In other news: My transmission went splut last Monday and spewed tranny fluid all over the driveway. It took me two days, but I fixed it. Thanks to bad design, once I got the tranny clear of all the crap surrounding it, it took me 20 minutes to remove the faulty part, and another TWO HOURS to put the new one on. It kept going on almost all the way, and then popping off and falling on the ground. Of course, it's coated in grease, so all the dirt in my driveway would stick to it. I would have to clean it off and try again.

Eventually through some miracle of oh-mighty DODGE, right after I got REALLY frustrated and started hitting stuff with my hammer (I don't suggest this when you're underneath a car) it just popped right in. Well, I haven't given it the "highway 17" test yet, but it seems to be working great.

so, all is normal; not as planned.

-Rev. Android

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