Garote's Page

    A general sampling of me:

  • The 1993 'Purity Test' to see if you('re) like how I was
  • A recording of My Mind from 1995
  • A collection of my Insane Dreams for you to help me interpret
  • A UCSC scrapbook, covering 1998-2002.
  • The 2005 'Purity Test' to see if you('re) like me

    My first PC game:

  • The executable, which runs in MS-DOS and Windows 95-2000. Source code included, originally written for the Borland C compiler in 1995.
  • Scans of the original design notes, for your amusement.
  • A Mac OS X port of the game, cranked out in 2006

Hail from user 2, xep at 8:45:13 PM, Wednesday, 9-05-90
too late....your imagination has been spreading and has infested the minds of other little puppies and small, furry rodents that snore


    Android's Auto Experience of 1997:

    (Recorded in Sacramento, CA. Feb 7th 1999)

  • Part 1 : 2:12 , Part 2 : 3:39
  • Part 3 : 3:10 , Part 4 : 2:57

    Songs and Sounds:

  • Zog's Mac system beep: 'I wuv you'
  • Lyrics by Skot and Garote: 'Da Rap' from 1985
  • Lyrics by Android: 'Soyuz' from 1991
  • A list of Zog's taped Radio Shows
  • Residents video ideas spewed by Garote in 1992
  • Har-De-Har-Har Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - One of Zog's KDVS radio shows made a foray into on-air storytelling. All the background music was mixed live, by Zog, as he read the lines. This particular story was written stream-of-consciousness by Skot one evening, and features, among other things, a dancing moustache.

" 'Who do you think you are?' my mother used to ask me, but she would never wait for an answer." -Margaret Atwood


"Cuando merda tiver valor pobre nasce sem cu."


A promotion that never caught on in the nuclear industry. Based on a pin that Android once made, this is the splash screen when Super Merryo Trolls loads. If you want, you can take a look at the original pin ! Computer conversion of goku art done by Ace. Anti-aliased by hand!

Garote and Zog came up with this guy for one of the bosses in the Apple IIgs game Super Merryo Trolls. He presides over 'Munchies Land'.

Artwork by Skot's younger brother, Shaun, in 1995. He's got a lot of style! He calls this particular masterpiece "BITCH".

Ace and Garote sketched this on some notepaper in Denny's a few years ago. The fork was an afterthought.

Ace entered this by hand and cleaned it up. Enjoy!

The picture that Marge doesn't want published. Built by Garote.

More artwork by Shaun. This work is simply titled "OURVASE".

Zoggo drew this in 1992 trying to convey the imagery of a dream. A very distinctive style, no?

Detail of a picture Garote and Android drew in the 8th grade. The rest of the scene involves Wile E. Coyote doing a header off a cliff, and a closeup of Android's nose.

Skot and Garote were sitting in the Santa Cruz Falafel Hut on Mission Street one fine evening, and happened upon his old math assignments and a box of crayons. Many evil things then transpired, as you can see.

Somewhere in 1997, I tried to learn how to use Microsoft Power-Point. This was the result.
In early March 1998, Zog and Garote made a road-trip to Davis. Brad and Kathleen took them on a video-tour of their wondrous abode. Here you can find a slideshow of that tour. Brad hams it up something fierce.

Again in 2004, I got cozy with a presentation app, this time Apple's Keynote. The result was even worse than with Powerpoint.


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